The Word She Wrote Across Her Chest…

When the Knot Gets Too Tight

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” John 8:36The other day I tossed some clothes into the dryer. Shortly afterwards I heard disturbing thumps coming from the laundry room. It sounded as if a shoe was in the dryer. I rushed over to stop the dryer,...

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Devil on the Run

Nothing is more encouraging than when the devil is on the run.Resistance is indispensable when lifting weights and using exercise equipment to build muscles. If too little weight is placed on the bar, muscles aren't challenged to heft it. Current muscle mass may be...

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The Power of Replacement

While some things can be replaced, others can't."I suggest you get replacement value insurance on your household items." It was a suggestion from our insurance agent. My wife and I owned quite a few antiques. No more were being produced. And some perhaps were one of a...

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