Moving On

The Cage Door

A fable tells about two birds, each in a cage with food and water. One bird rebelled against his conditions, rejected the food and kept knocking his head against the cage door. A few hours later, he died of his injuries. The other bird said, "Nothing's worth dying...

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Cancelled Surgery

"Hello Everyone: Good news. Linda is now on the mend and will be OK, she will probably be in the hospital a couple more days, then come home.One week ago today, Friday, I was there when the lung doctor came in and said we will operate on you now. He would go down and...

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The Hug Fund

You would think getting married somewhat later in life than most couples, Mike and I would have been more established financially. However, neither of us brought much to the marriage cash-wise. We had decent jobs but not much in savings. Mike was your typical bachelor...

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Ivy’s Cookies

The clank of the metal door and the echo of their footsteps rang in the ears of Ivy and Joanne as they walked down the dingy corridor behind the prison guard toward the "big room." The aroma of Ivy's homemade chocolate chip cookies wasn't enough to override the stench...

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