Cast Out Fear

When the Communists overran China, missionary Isobel Kuhn escaped on foot with her young son, Danny, across the dangerous snow-covered Pienma Pass. She finally arrived at Myitkyina in Upper Burma, but there she was stranded "at the world's end" without money, unable...

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Murder, but Not Divorce

Pressures are exerted all through life to make us want to lie down and quit. The most spiritual person in the world is tempted to get discouraged. I remember seeing a television interview with Billy Graham and his delightfully honest wife, Ruth. The host, David Frost,...

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Worth Trusting

I have a friend who’s bold, delightfully bold. She told me one day, “Janet, you’re crazy, really nuts to go flying across the country without being able to see a thing!”“Sheesh, I love traveling!” I said, stifling my laugh at her silly concern.“What if someone takes...

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Living With Uncertainty

“Are you going to heaven when you die?” I asked. “I hope so,” she replied. It wasn’t the answer I was looking for but it would have to do.My grandmother and I were taking an afternoon walk when I asked the question. I’m not sure what prompted me to ask-childhood...

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Stinky Days

Carol King sang “I feel the earth move under my feet” in her 1971 hit “I Feel the Earth Move,” but I actually experienced it.Shortly after moving to an old home, my wife and I explored the overgrown backyard, contemplating how to restore its original beauty. A small...

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Surviving Tough Times

If success meant easy living, he was a failure. If happiness required a large bank account, popularity and trendsetting, he should be life's most miserable man.God called him to be a spokesperson, but when he talked nobody listened. Tough defined is telling people God...

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