The Deal

I had spent my entire life chasing the rat and I was tired. My current job was providing me with a generous income of $70,000+ a year. For the past nine and a half years it had provided better than $55,000 per year. I had already retired from the U.S. Air Force and...

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The Loss or the Lesson

"How incredibly sad. The destruction of the creek along the banks has left behind a real mess. Look at all those roots exposed," he said.I thought we were looking at two different things."Gee, I was just looking at that and found it incredibly fascinating. I guess you...

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The sun cast glistening white capsDo with effervescence roar;As each follows then another,To quench the parched and barren shore.Reminders of great unleashed powerWithin God's awe filled repertoire.Billowing, tufted, white laced cloudsTranscend the heavens grand,As...

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She Liked Her Days Cloudy

It's difficult sometimes being self employed. I often long for conversations with co workers over a cup of coffee. Or the mid morning meeting held in the board room to discuss growth. Many days I wake up longing for the opportunity and find myself right where I'm...

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Take a Plus Action

The next time you are faced with a “minus” situation, take a “plus” action. Here’s how John Wilson did it when he was dean of students at a college in the Midwest.John was awakened in the middle of the night by a knock on the door of his apartment, which was just off...

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