Finishing the Course

The course had been rocky.As a beginning rider, I had never purposefully done canter-jumping, and I had only occasionally done more than one jump at a time. But here I was, seated on Sir Steven, in the middle of the ring with 12 other contenders, riding an “Equitation...

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John had been gone a week when Helen was awakened at midnight by Eva's cries. I'll warm a bottle for her, Helen decided. As she stepped into the hall, she was startled to see flames consuming the whole kitchen wall. There had been nothing to make her suspect fire-no...

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How to Survive Hot Springs

Laird River, in Northern British Columbia, hosts an unusual provincial park. Although snow and sleet force the closure of most Canadian parks, the hot springs at Laird River, with their two separate, natural pools, ensure that the Laird River Hot Springs Provincial...

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High Winds and Heavy Rain? Hooray!

All day long we had been pounded by heavy rain, battered by gusting winds, and pitched back and forth by colossal waves and winding roads. What can you do in such weather conditions?Of course, the inhabitants of Vancouver Island found shelter in their warm, cozy...

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Of Shoelaces and Things

Shoelaces aren’t quite as common now days with the advent of Velcro and other types of shoe fasteners but once upon a time most shoes had laces. There were the long raw-hide type for boots, long cotton ones for sneakers, nice round black ones for dress shoes, etc. I...

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Jigsaw Puzzle

Psalm 139:13 For you created my innermost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.Sometimes the winter days seem long and boring, and last January I was looking for something interesting to do. I thought a jigsaw puzzle was the answer. I could set up a card...

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When the Sun Finally Comes Out

We had been drenched by inclement and merciless weather from the moment we had arrived in Southern British Columbia. Soaked to the bone with our clothes on strike, we had turned into human rain gauges. There was certainly no danger of us becoming dehydrated! What a...

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