The Clock of Life

The World Health Organization has declared this latest coronavirus a pandemic. This directly affects life for all of us to some degree.At first it was a sad development in far-away China, where sickness and death rapidly spread. Then it moved to South Korea, Iran,...

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The Clock

I'm not sure what the point of this message is, really.Maybe I'll leave it up to you to decide. I'll just tell you a story and you take from it what you find of value.All I know is the idea has been taunting me for a few days and I knew I had to do something with...

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The Empty Seat

I couldn't believe my good fortune. The seat next to me on the aircraft was still empty and the cabin crew were already closing the doors. We were leaving right on time for a 5 hour night flight to Reykjavik, Iceland, where we would land at 6:30 local time. Our entire...

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Hey! They Can’t Do That!

Hebrews 13:16 "Make sure you don't take things for granted and go slack in working for the common good; share what you have with others. God takes particular pleasure in acts of worship -- a different kind of "sacrifice" -- that take place in kitchen and workplace and...

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No Hurry

Revelation 10:6 And he swore by him who lives forever and ever, who created the heavens and all that is in them, the earth and all that is in it, and the sea and all that is in it, and the angel said, “There will be no more delay!”There’s an old story told about three...

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You Can’t Keep Time

My watch broke a few days ago. The band snapped without me noticing, causing it to fall to the floor while I was doing the laundry. As I stepped back to grab another armful of clothes I heard a nasty crunch underfoot. I picked up the watch face and saw a spider web of...

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A Minute of Your Time

I can't go anywhere this time of year without having to stand in line.I can't explain it, but this year I really don't mind. It's not like me, you know.God has given me many gifts, but patience is not one of them.Still, I seem to have found calm, peace, and...

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