Father, What Time Is It?

As another day is passing byDid I use it wisely, if not whyIt seems I never finish all that was plannedFather what time is it?You give me all these minutes per dayI want so much to do what you have to sayAm I wasting it by doing my thingI read my bible, prayed and...

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Take the Time

Rush, rush, rush, hurry, hurry, hurry, check your watch, check your schedule, and worry, worry, worry! Gulp down your coffee, wolf down your breakfast, and head out the door! Think of the thousand things you have to do today and forget about your joy!If any of you see...

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The Time We Spend

I am reminded that researching facts on the internet is sometimes like a crap shoot. What you find might appear to be what you were looking for, but is it true.It is also a fact that we often search for things that support our own bias on a subject.In other words we...

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A Time and a Season

I am planting a few things today!There is something marvelous about bringing in vegetables from your own garden. Course my garden is only being planted and it is very small, so once a week, the next best thing is going to the Farmer’s Market to buy the fresh garden...

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I was never good at directions.I'm not a typical man, I actually stop and ask for directions when I'm lost. The problem is I never remember what I'm told.Mostly it's because I only listen the first time.Did you ever notice that when you ask someone for directions they...

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Love Actually “Is” About “Time”

Love Actually“ is ”About Time“I must start by apologizing. I have often times declared with pride that I am an old romantic.I still think I am. It is a fact that I'm old and still romantic.But I feel I have lied to you and even to myself.I hope you can see the irony...

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