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Life and Testimony of a Converted Muslim

I Hassan, born in a orthodox family where I was hearing always about the Islam; my parent sent me to the Islamic school to learn the Quran. They want make me Hafiz’ Qari and a good preacher of Islam. I taught Quran by heart, [memorized Quran] and was studying to learn...

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Morning Joy

The true testimony of Dot McGinnisI can't help but remember one of the most trying experiences of my life--my bout with severe mental depression. I once heard a woman on a Christian talk show describe her experience with mental illness by saying, "I've walked the...

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Bible Studies in Puerto Rico

I was giving Bible studies in Añasco, Puerto Rico, to 4 teens. At that time I was assistant pastor and our turn to have family camp was approaching. Since I wanted to give these youths and their families more exposure to the church family that they were planning to...

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One night outside the festival auditorium in Riga, I met another Jewish woman who said that she loves to sing the songs of the Jewish people. She had some advice for us about how we should sing an old Jewish song, "Yiddishe Mama." I asked her to sing, and she...

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Dad’s Tumor of the Throat

HTML clipboard Here is my own personal experience with cancer and God's mighty ways!Four years ago this month, I received a phone call from my Aunt in Oklahoma. She is one of my very favorite aunts, yet I was very surprised to hear from her just out of the blue (I...

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