Lost Joy

Charting His Course for Us

An old sailor repeatedly got lost at sea, so his friends gave him a compass and urged him to use it. The next time he went out in his boat, he followed their advice and took the compass with him. But as usual he became hopelessly confused and was unable to find land....

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The Cushion of the Sea

I read a story about a new submarine that was being tested. As part of its test, the submarine had to remain submerged beneath the ocean's surface for a long time. While the submarine was submerged for its test, a powerful storm passed through the area, causing a...

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God Knows

When you are tired and discouraged from fruitless efforts...God knows how hard you have tried. (Hebrews 6:10) When you've cried so long and your heart is in anguish...God has counted your tears. (Psalm 56:8) If you feel that your life is on hold and time has passed...

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Jesus in the House

Once there was this very wealthy young man. He lived in a great, elaborate house with dozens of rooms. Each room was more comfortable and more beautiful than the one before it. There were paintings and sculptures. Crystal chandeliers, golden, ornate railings on the...

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Let Go

A man named Jack was walking along a steep cliff one day when he accidentally got too close to the edge and fell.On the way down he grabbed a branch, which temporarily stopped his fall. He looked down and to his horror saw that the canyon fell straight down for more...

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Let Go and Let God

Thanks to Pastor Jim and the Net 153 Christian Magazine where the whole family can find health Christian resources. As children bring their broken toys,with tears for us to mend, I brought my broken dreams to Godbecause He is my friend.  But then instead of leaving...

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Paradise Travel Tours

Make Reservations NOWRound-trip Tour Soon to Take Off!Destination: New JerusalemRoute: Via Seven Planets Duration: Seven Days en RouteReturn: One Thousand Years LaterPilot, Guide: Jesus ChristClass: Royal Class Only Accommodations: Out of this World. Mansions Already...

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