A Glass-Shattering Indignity

After my solitary walking incident (See When Bare Teeth are after your Behind), I decided that as long as I was in the Minneapolis area, I would take my walks with a friend!Upon returning from one of these walks, this time with a former Iowa farmer, I entered the...

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Compartmentalized Religion

The story is told of a young actor who was trying to impress an important movie director. The actor wanted to send an expensive gift, but he just didn't have the money. But he had an idea. If he could find a valuable vase which was already broken and get it at a very...

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Chasing the Squirrels

My family and I were busy preparing for our annual vacation. We would be gone for nearly a month this year, and though we weren’t leaving for another 2½ weeks, we were already packing the trailer, stocking the food, preparing the maps, and a host of other things that...

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Chasing Down That Car

Our dog Gracie got out yesterday and before I could even bribe her with a gajillion doggie cookies, she flew down the road after a car. Why do dogs do that? Does chasing a car make any sense whatsoever? What was she going to do if she caught it? Did she think she was...

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Kicking Horse Pass

James Hector was a surveyor. In 1858, his job was to seek safe passage through the Canadian Rockies for the upcoming Canadian Pacific Railroad.While mapping the Kicking Horse Pass, he ran out of food, was kicked by his horse (thus the name, "Kicking Horse Pass") and...

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