How to Live a Worry-Free Life


Psalm 68:19 He daily bears our burdensAs we drove over the bridge spanning the intercostal waterway we headed straight into St Augustine, Fla. When we got to the heart of town, there was a merry-go-round. How enticing it looked to those who hopped aboard- shiny,...

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Closet of Life

“Honey, give yourself plenty of time to get ready.” Those words from my mom still ring in my ears each time I plan to go out. But do I listen? I should, but I don’t. I wait till the last minute. (It’s tough to get away from the task at hand). So, with only minutes to...

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Be Still

Living in an area that is blessed with lots of trees and open space, we are also subject to many squirrels running through the neighbourhood. One day, as I was driving, I had to apply the brakes -- not once but three times -- for these little fellows, and all within a...

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Hugs From Heaven

"An honest answer is like a warm hug." (Prov 24:26 The Message)We had been shop hopping and window-shopping throughout downtown Juneau. It was pouring rain, we were all tired, and I was feeling a bit discouraged because just that morning I had been the cause of my...

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