Stay By His Side

God Knelt Before Man

Once ... God knelt down before man, with angels all around; The Father humbled Himself, as He knelt there on the ground. His' hands covered in dust, as He worked it into clay; Molding a man with love, in the dust where he lay.   Knowing someday that man, would from...

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I’d Rather Be a Servant

I’d rather be a servant in my Father’s house, than a ruler in Satan’s domain;I would never hand over my eternal soul for the world's riches and fame.How can anyone ever prefer what Satan has to offer;I want to be caught up when Christ comes back to collect His sons...

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The Face of Christ… Transfiguration

(Matthew 17, Mark 9, Luke 9)In early May 2003, a cloud descended on Cannon Mountain near Franconia Notch, New Hampshire. Near the top of the mountain, obscured in the cloud, was a rock formation that had become the state symbol for New Hampshire, because in profile,...

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