Please Come Soon

The missiles fly across the screen,The air raid sirens squeal.We hear the blast, we see the smoke;It almost seems surreal.Mere words cannot express theDeep emotions that I feel.Lord Jesus, please come soon.By land, by air, by sea they goTo set a nation free.To make...

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Thanks to Pastor Jim and the Net 153 Christian Magazine where the whole family can find health Christian resources.Years ago a corps of civil engineers went to take a look at a dam in Pennsylvania that controlled the waters of several streams that flowed down toward a...

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The Dream

A man had a dream that Christ returned to judge the living and the dead. Those who confessed Jesus as their Lord and Savior were rewarded with eternal life. Those who rejected Him were justly condemned to Hell.As the last name of the righteous was called out, a young...

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The storm was coming. For a long, long time weathermen had been predicting it, though none were quite sure when it would come. The overcast skies, the warm breezes, the stillness of nature's chirping and screeching: all pointed to a violent tempest waiting to explode....

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I Have Returned

It happened in the Philippines. General Douglas MacArthur had decided that in order to gain victory, he must delay direct action. Under cover of darkness, accompanied by just a few close aides, he left; but first he promised, "I will return." The end of that story is...

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The High School Football Team

The local high school football team was having a golden season. They had lost only one game. When the season came to an end, they were told that they were the obvious champs and that there would not even be a playoff. Pumped, the boys asked their coach if, instead of...

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Second Coming