Be on the Lookout


Wrought Iron Gate

Standing in a field was a wrought iron gate, leading no where.What secret behind it, what mystery was the abide?Many tried to enter it, an unpure heart wouldn't let them share.Behind this mystery gate, what land did the padlocks hide?A strongman tried to break the...

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Who Can Ever Repay?

In the early 1900s, there was a man in the Russian army who had the job of paymaster. His job was to accept and then distribute the pay to the soldiers of the units in his area. This certain young paymaster had a problem with gambling. After having received a large...

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The Window

Peering through the window,the window of my soul.I found a dark and dying place.In my heart, a hole.This hole had grown quite large --none other could compare.And it has simply grown therewhile I was unaware.You see, I'd lived my lifeby my own ingenious plan.Never...

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Missing Things in a Locker

I used to work in an office with three other colleagues. We worked in shifts so we rarely got together. We each had our own locker in which to keep our personal belongings. One day I was shocked to discover that some of my things were missing. I did not have any...

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I felt lost. I could tell by the way the conversation was going I didn't belong there. It was out of my league, I thought. They were talking about the stock market. So many ordinary people in the past few years became millionaires because of simple investment...

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