Would You Like Boots for Supper?

Expensive Love

When our son Doug was little, he was really into collecting baseball cards. Actually, so was I at that age - except they were on stone tablets back then. I grew up in Chicago, and I loved the Chicago White Sox - and my favorite player, Nelson - or Nellie - Fox. Nellie...

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He Died for Me

The old farmer kneeling at a soldier's grave in the Confederate cemetery near Nashville leaves us a good example of gratitude. Some one asked him, "Why do you pay so much attention to that grave? Is your son buried there?""No," he said; "during the war my family were...

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Joseph Damien

Joseph Damien was a missionary in the nineteenth century who ministered to people with leprosy on the island of Molokai, Hawaii. Those suffering grew to love him and revered the sacrificial life he lived out before them.One morning before Joseph was to lead them in...

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The Knife and the Nails

Tony was one of the best-liked teachers in our kids' junior high school. And one summer day when he was helping me paint our house, I learned a lot about his background - a lot that was very surprising. Tony told me that he grew up in a very tough neighbourhood that...

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Making Sacrifice With Joy

I heard a story once about two wealthy Christians, a lawyer and a merchant, who traveled with a group that was going around the world. As they were visiting in Korea, they saw by the side of the road, a field in which a boy was pulling a crude plow and an old man held...

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In the very early 1800's, a young boy about 14 years old named John lived in an orphanage in Old England along with several other children.Orphanages were dreaded. Orphan meant unwanted and unloved. The orphanage was administered by a master and his wife who were...

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