Would You Like Boots for Supper?

Famous Yet Unknown

Let's imagine one who is famous in the most powerful nation on earth. He's a gifted and knowledge­able man. Everyone in his country knows of his greatness and fame. He is an inventor with the most outstanding and significant scientific contributions and discoveries...

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His Sacrifice

“And by that will, we have been made holy through the sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.” – Hebrews 10:10In 1997, at age 49, Oklahoma State Football Coach Bob Simmons’ kidneys were failing. He needed a new kidney but the wait for a donor organ...

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Shining Shoes

There was a man in a congregation I pastored several years ago who was honest and sincere, and he meant well. His motives were pure, but his actions were wrong. I didn't want to "butt heads" with him, but the buck had to stop somewhere. The title on my door, the last...

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Cleaning the Toilets

I went off to college with a head full of mush and no money.I needed a job. If there were no job, there would be no college. I found a part-time job and it was a dandy. It was a dream job-if you were the kind who had a lot of nightmares.The job I had was cleaning the...

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A Lesson From Daniel

I am not one of Daniel's favorite people, a fact well established in our house. He is here for his safety and nurturing. Pawpa, second only to his mommy, and Ashley, his aunt, are all that is here with us now.Saturday, the family had gathered for a yard work day and...

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