He Lives!

Empty Tombs

"The third day He rose again from the dead." – The Apostles' CreedI had been thinking about going to Egypt, off and on, for well over 50 years. It was one of the places that I wanted to learn about and see. On the first of October, 1965, I had been at the Cairo...

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The Person Behind the Wheel

I woke up in a bad mood this morning. I'd had a fitful night's sleep and my bad back was sorer and tighter than ever. My shoulder was starting to feel just as sore too. I tried to stretch them out to no avail and stumbled into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and...

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From Nothing Comes Everything

I have three young children, two boys and one girl and every Easter I take three plastic eggs, two blue and one pink and put inside two hand-written notes. The first note is a prize, something like ‘I will take you to a movie’, the second is a special note from dad or...

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