Healing and Reconciliation

Let go and Let God!

This story is tough to write about. It is personal. My mother and my aunt are at the core of this. However, at this time of the year, a story of forgiveness and reconciliation is of most importance.My mother and my favorite aunt (like a mother to me) had a...

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The Auction

It was a nice day as I drove through South Carolina. Being hungry, I stopped at a McDonalds and ordered a breakfast meal. As I had driven almost thirty hours I decided to stay over for a few days and rest. After eating, I checked into a local motel, bathed, went to...

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The Wall of Separation

The testimony that touched my heart the most occurred when I ministered in Naples, Florida. Just before I spoke, a burly, middle-aged man stood up before the congregation and wept as he relayed his tragic story: "All my life I have felt like there was a wall between...

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No Longer an Enemy

In the days of the American Revolutionary War there lived in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, a preacher by the name of Peter Miller who enjoyed the friendship of General George Washington. There also dwelt in that town one Michael Wittman, an evil-minded man who did all in his...

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Bound to Forgive

Writer Norman Cousins said that life is an adventure in forgiveness. I think Fr. Lawrence Martin Jenco would agree.In 1984, Fr. Jenco traveled to Beirut, dedicated to help the poorest of the poor. On January 8, 1985, he was kidnapped by Shiite Muslim extremists and...

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