Every Single Thing

Born for a Purpose

She had never met him before, but she cared for him as if he was the most important person in the world.Ann* knew she was going to be a single mother in eight months. While she regretted the unfortunate decision that produced the baby inside her, she didn’t begrudge...

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Am I on the Right Track?

When life collapses, it's tempting to question whether we're on the right track.Newlyweds normally enjoy the candid shots photographers capture while no one is looking. But Dan and Jackie Anderson doubtlessly weren't expecting the one their photographer snared at...

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Is There a Purpose for My Trials?

She was on a mission of mercy, but her journey didn't end the way she anticipated.Our church began a Sunday evening feeding program recently-a program supported completely by member donations. One elderly lady was bringing supplies for the upcoming feeding when she...

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Compartmentalizing Our Lives

A picky customer comes to a small food shop and sees a new delivery of fresh fruit. "Give me two pounds of oranges and wrap every orange up in a separate piece of paper, please," he says to the saleswoman. She does."And a pound of cherries, please, and wrap up every...

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