The Last Morsel

Where I Found God

My wife had died from cancer resulting in the following questions. Why? What to do with my life? To resolve my personal/spiritual issues, I took a two week vacation to New Mexico. I will skip all the natural beauty I visited in that state and tell of meeting God.South...

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Where’s Your Wedding Ring

Two days after our wedding, we arrived at our honeymoon spot - cottages on the northern California coastline with their own private beach. We went down the cliff path to the beach and tossed a frisbee back and forth for a while, but since it was late in the day, my...

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A Baby’s Pacifier

For years, Debi McCrea and her husband Mike had attempted to adopt an infant. Twice they'd almost signed papers, but arrangements had fallen through. Then in April 1993, they learned that a young pregnant woman had selected them to receive her baby. "We were thrilled,...

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Heavenly Returns

Heartsick and in a state of shock I sat at my desk unwilling to believe I had just lost more than a year's worth of research. The research, a compilation of personal true stories, was slated for my second book on angels and Heavenly intervention. That day I had...

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It Shall Not Hurt!

Following is a true story. You may pray and pass it on. But don't ask more about it, for we can't share the details because of the security reasons.We and the new believers along with our ministry are very much in need of your prayers.... Continuous prayers.......

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Miniature Angels

“I want a friend!” my five-year old’s clear blue eyes showed the pain of rejection. Noah is deaf and the past couple of years have begun to show what the future holds for my little guy.The first few years of his life Noah had many friends in our neighborhood. Small...

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