The Last Morsel

No Gas

Hi everyone and Praise The Lord. Just try to figure this out. The gas company said they were turning off the gas at the Mercy center. And the boiler would not come on . We were pretty cold. All of us kept our coats on. Wednesdays Bible study was a real challenge. The...

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Peach Preserves

A member of our church gave me a jar of homemade peach preserves a couple of weeks ago. Few delicacies in life compare with her peach preserves. Should I someday face a firing squad, I'll pass on the cigarette but be the first to perk up if Sarah's peach preserves are...

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Send Me a Friend

"What I have planned that I will do." Isaiah 46:11I had just been through great amounts of loss in my life. I lost an old friend, my sister, my father, and my health. As I was housebound now due to my illness I sat alone wondering, what's next?Not long after this my...

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Everybody was crowding the door waiting for me to open it. They pushed, shoved, spit, and a swatted at each other. Each kitty trying to be the first one out the kitty door into the cool, breezy morning air.The kitty door is broken and we have to tape it up on the...

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Virgil Gibson

Virgil Gibson, of Meeker, Oklahoma, was a special man. Everyone who knew him recognized his kindness, generosity and spiritual strength. "If anyone needed anything, they would call us," Kathleen Gibson says. "They knew Virgil would help." One of his hobbies was...

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