The Last Morsel

Face Down

Krisellen Lang had lost her first three babies at early stages in her pregnancies. So when she found herself expecting yet again, it was hard to work up any enthusiasm. Why should she begin to love this child when it might never live long enough to be born?But...

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Exactly the Right Teacher

Autumn leaves drifted down on a sunny Saturday morning in late October 1985. I stood watching our children through a sliding glass door in the house where we were temporarily staying. Rachel, three, was rolling in the thick layer of leaves on the ground, while Tim,...

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God’s Provision

The anxiety was daily becoming more tense. Every day more and more Nazi soldiers wandered through Kindertehuis, the village like residential housing facility for mentally handicapped children. Residents and staff were ill at ease, as these men showed up unannounced....

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Flooded Basement

Yesterday Rob went down to the lower basement to find a mini-flood. Something had gotten pushed up against the sump-pump, preventing it from working. As soon as the lever was liberated, the sump-pump immediately began to operate, pulling most of the water from the...

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It’s a Miracle

Members of the Gospel Lighthouse Church in Blytheville, Arkansas were preparing to serve Thanksgiving dinner to the needy in their area."Fifteen or twenty families had brought our own turkey and trimmings to the church to share, and had made extra food," explains...

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No Money, No Food

Liz Cobos had separated from her husband. She was emotionally devastated, and the reality of keeping her two preschool daughters fed and cared for had all but shattered her spirit. She believed in God, but where was He? She felt so alone. Reluctantly, she decided to...

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No Longer Needed

Have you ever been told that you are no longer needed? I have. I used to work in the entertainment industry at a theme park. I got a late start - I was almost 32 - when I entered the theme park business, and I have never been the typical stereotype of a theme park...

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