The Last Morsel

200 Dollars

Having literally "left all" to serve Christ (Mk.10:28), I had grown in faith as the Lord discipled me through a holy and consecrated soul winner (Bob). We worked with a small dedicated Baptist church in prayer, house to house and public evangelism, as well as...

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A Gift From Heaven

When I was a boy my dad taught me how to show people the way to heaven using a chain of verses in the book of Romans. He encouraged me in the habit of carrying a pocket-sized copy of the New Testament with me every day so I would be ready to explain the simple gospel...

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A Fire Truck for Caleb

Staring in a store window, a red firetruck caught child’s eye.  Yearning to receive the present for Christmas, hoping time would fly.   Money had been scarce, his father many financial worries on his mind.  His mother performed many...

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The Angel With an Attitude

he hated him when he first arrived. Old, grouchy, and loud, my sister's new cat was not the kitten she had wanted. Terminally ill, Angel longed for a "buddy" to keep her company. Cancer is a lonely disease, no matter how many people love and care for you, and I...

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Changing Oil

It was Christmas week in Cleland, England, and Sharon Stead and her family had been visiting relatives. "Since our three sons were little--ages seven, five and five months--we had planned to leave for home much earlier," Sharon recalls. But time had passed too...

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Diverted Flight to Canada

If you wondered about all those flights that were in the middle of the great blue Atlantic Ocean on the morning of September 11th, here is an up-close-and-personal story written by a Delta Airlines flight attendant en route from Frankfurt to Atlanta. This was the...

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Donna Funkhouser

Donna Funkhouser was eighteen years old when she met her angel. She was working in a large grocery store, and that particular night, she had drawn the late shift. By ten o'clock, when the store closed, snow and ice was coating the parking lot. The employees scurried...

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