The Last Morsel

Completely Satisfied

The other day, I saw a new car in the parking lot. It had an interesting dealership license plate on the front of it that said, "Completely Satisfied!"I remember thinking to myself as I walked by, "Hey, if you're going to have a car with that on it, you had better be...

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Goldilocks was the nickname we gave a runaway teen we found in the woods of a neighborhood park. We soon found out that she was wanted by the police, but not wanted at home.Where did she hope to go? What did she want to do? Who could we get to help her?Where did she...

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I Choose to Laugh

Awakened by the phone ringing at 11:35 p.m., I fumble for the receiver beside my bed. Who would be calling at this time of night?"Hello," I mumble, my brain barely functioning."Mom, I'm not in jail." The voice at the other end belongs to my 21-year-old daughter,...

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The Rusty Nail

After months of asking, I finally decided to repair the roof on my mother-in-laws patio. We made a material list and my wife came with me to the large hardware and lumber store to buy the supplies.In order to repair the roof I would need two-by-fours about fourteen...

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Poison Ivy

"Jesus said 'I am the real vine' " John 15:1aThe other day I brushed against some poison ivy leaves, and being very allergic to this plant, I checked my skin carefully. I looked for the droplets of moisture that spread the annoying toxin of the plant. I then noticed a...

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