The Last Morsel

The MasterCard

The clerk at the checkout stand smiled broadly, her voice a bit too cheerful: “That will be $145.39!”I forced myself to smile back. After all, it wasn’t her fault that my grocery bill seemed to go up every week, no matter how much skimping I did! I reached in my...

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Mad Cows

I was driving along a country road and noticed that a number of the cows in the field beside the road were lined up looking at the fence. Every now and then one of the cows would charge the fence menacingly. Usually we think of cows as contented and laid back. What...

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Bigger Than Our Questions

As I write this praise report, I can say boldly that God is bigger than all our questions. There is always an end intended by God for every question we may have (James 5:11). I realize as a Christian I have had the tendency, as we all sometimes have to think we don’t...

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From Out of the Fog

A few years ago I was going through a series of family crisis. Just when I thought I might make it through a nightmare I would be bombarded with something new to deal with as well. To make matters worse, Wendy, my dearest friend and confidant, now lived in another...

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Great Acorn War

The first school I ever attended sat halfway up the side of a hill. Along the ridge right above it were several matronly Oak trees and down at the bottom of the hill was the playground with seesaws and swing sets. Every afternoon at recess most of the boys and girls...

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