In His Presence


Some years ago my wife and I paid a visit to England to Vera's aged mother. During our stay we undertook a ten-day trip by car to the West Country - Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. We travelled about 1500 km visiting many places we remembered from our youth, and...

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He Is With Us

"I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you." - Genesis 28:15In 1789, fourteen-year-old John Marrant became a Christian through the preaching of...

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He’s in the Wind

Remembering when I was young,  I asked my momma where God came from. Then, I asked her why she believed In someone she could not see And this is what she said to me ...   "You can't see the wind blowing through our apple trees. But, you know that it's there.  You can...

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Crux of the Moment

All of us have been exposed to a ‘moment of truth’, a moment where one’s life can turn on a decision, an action, a happening. For better or for ill, my life seems to be one long series of moments that have changed my life and my perspective of what is important in...

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Be Still With God

All day long I had been very busy; picking up trash, cleaning bathrooms and scrubbing floors. My grown children were coming home for the weekend. I went grocery shopping and prepared for a barbecue supper, complete with ribs and chicken. I wanted everything to be...

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Carry Me

The nurse on the late night shift walked into her patient's room in the intensive care unit and checked on his IV's and heart monitors. The day before he'd suffered cardiac arrest. The seasoned caregiver sat down in the chair beside his bed to observe him for a...

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