Flowers, Anyone?

Crazy Betty

It was another busy day for Kim; she sometimes felt overwhelmed and then she would wonder why she ever HAD TAKEN this job. Cooking supper for 50 residents at the NURSING home was indeed a challenge. One of the aids stuck her head and whispered,“Crazy Betty is coming...

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I’m a Skunk

I pulled my car into the garage and stepped outside. It was a beautiful evening.Stars sparkled in the dark sky, unusual for the area we lived then, which is close to the bright lights of Manhattan and Jersey City.Instead of going inside, I walked around the corner,...

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The Acadiens

Our last few days in New Brunswick were spent in a beautiful part of the province known as Acadia. This region, stretching the length of the Northumberland Strait, is renown for its beautiful, warm beaches, its abundant waterfowl, and its quiet, friendly towns. More...

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The Lord’s Salad Bowl

I sat down to dinner last night and sitting there on the table was the most beautiful freshly tossed salad I had ever laid my eyes on. (Mrs. Durango had truly outdone herself with this masterpiece). It consisted of a variety of vegetables . . .There was radicchio,...

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The Little Brown Boy

Danielle was only four when she burst through the front door, having just gotten off the school bus, after preschool. Charging through the living room, she spotted me in the dining room and launched into a speech while she headed toward me. While it was comical to see...

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