Praise Report!

Ask and God Will Do For You…

It was a beautiful morning when I began to teach Bethany some bible verses. I made her to memorize a few by following simple methods, for example,A for Ask and it will be given to youB for Be still and know that I am GodC for Commit your way to the Lordand as Bethany...

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Ask, Seek, Knock

The young man paid a visit to the Doctor. He was a bit nervous and shy.The Doctor inquired of him what his problem was. He mentioned a few things which the Doctor addressed by prescribing some medication.When the man got back to the car he remembered that there was...

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"You do not have, because you do not ask." James 4:2bEighty-one year old Clarence Blackmon is an Army veteran. Blackmon also has cancer.Recently, upon returning to his North Carolina apartment after a hospital stay, Blackmon found his cupboards were bare, as was his...

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Before They Call

My grandson Matt and his Kenyan-born wife Kui, are missionaries. Matt served three years in Africa with Nairobi Chapel in Nairobi, Kenya He and Kui were married there. The two of them served a year in Monrovia, Liberia planting a church. The Lord then sent them to the...

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The Beans

1 Thessalonians 5:17 "Pray continually." NIVI had never made scratch baked beans but recently I decided to do so. I was amazed that the beans needed to not only soak overnight but also to boil gently for another hour after soaking and then to cook on low in my slow...

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