Praise Report!

Not a Fly

In her biography Go Home and Tell, Bertha Smith tells of traveling by rickshaw to a primitive village in China to devote several days to evangelistic work. Her living conditions were squalid; she shared a stall with an ox and with swarms of flies.Finally she prayed,...

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Ordering a Snack

I was on my way to eat at a friend's house, a gourmet cook of the nouvelle cuisine persuasion-she made exquisitely great food, beautifully presented, but usually not enough for my appetite. Those delicious little servings mocked me. I had missed lunch that day and was...

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Prayer Meeting

East Indian evangelist K. P. Yohannan says he will never forget one of his first prayer meetings in an American church. He had come to the United States eager to meet some of its spiritual giants and leaders. One man in particular held his interest, a preacher known...

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Prayer Changes Things

Acts 12:5 - Peter was therefore kept in prison, but constant prayer was offered to God for him by the church. (NKJV)When I worked in Argentina, I had occasion to make a necessary trip from the town of Laguna Blanca in the province of Formosa to Fontana in the north....

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Prayer Evangelism

I remember during one of our first vigils, my time slot was 10:00 in the morning. You must understand that being a fledgling church, our office was a very obscure store front in a small strip of businesses. Yet while I was there praying alone, a young man came to the...

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Prayer at Twilight

I stared at the photo in my hands, faded with time and dark at the edges, as twilight had been falling at the time the picture was taken. The memories of Vietnam came flooding back. My time at Vietnam changed and shaped me in ways that no other events in my life have...

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