I Always Must Pray

Just as there's dark,And then there is day,I can get dark,When I don't get my way.The angel that's sentTo watch over me,Knows when I'm happy,I shout it with glee!Then there are days,In which I am sad,Just why did you haveTo make me so mad?I try to be goodAnd give up...

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On the Ground

Caden, an eleven year old boy, was after a little adventure. After looking for crabs behind rocks and watching fish swimming against the out-flowing tide, he decided to cross the river.Even though the water was only up to his chest, with his small body frame and light...

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Remember Them in Your Prayers

“I thank God, whom I serve, as my forefathers did, with a clear conscience, as night and day I constantly remember you in my prayers.” – 2 Timothy 1:3On the morning of 24 May 1985, Kent Lenard awoke at his home in Lake Moses, Washington at 1 am. He became aware that...

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The Sponges

There are 5 sponges laying on your kitchen counter top. Each member of your family has been cleaning up different areas of your home, but all the sponges look the same. You are curious as to what was cleaned in your home, but you can't tell by looking... they all look...

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Silent Prayer

In February of 1995, my mother-in-law went to the throat clinic, at Scott & White Hospital in Temple, Texas, where she was diagnosed with throat cancer. The only solution that Doctors offered was chemo radiation treatment. So, in March of 1995, she began her long...

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