His Way

The Seasons

Once again, autumn sweeps across this land.Trees are dressed in hues of red and gold;such a riot of colors are magnificent to behold.Twilights' cool mists cover deer tracks in sand. Pure magic wrought by the Creator's hand.Winter creeps in with the wind late one...

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Their beauty is pure and divine,Easily seen in their dimples and smiles.Who will see the beauty in their eyes,And not melt like cream and ice?As the heaven is for the angelsAnd the earth is for mortal men,So is beauty for the younglings.If love can be seen in...

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A Cry

The hated one has risen,Who is he?At last man has seen the hands of deathAnd the shadow of his misfortune;Bleeding, the world is grieving;See as the children of earth,Drink of the poison spilling from his breast.I wish our tendril of faithCan elevate our fearful...

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Window to Look Through

She watches through her window, her little girl at playMemories flood back to her childhood, of her yesterdaysAs she tucks her gift into bed, and kisses her precious faceShe says a prayer of protection, "Lord keep my child safe." And as days turn months into years,...

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The Storm-Tossed Soul

Are you tossed about on the sea of life?Has the beacon of light disappeared in the fog?Do you feel like the captain sinking along with his ship,Into the depths of some fathomless bog?Candles, that burned bright inside your heart,Are slowly dying extinguishing all...

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What Is Death?

What is death ... good question to search;Philosophers and scholars, all men in the search.They look the wrong place to find the reason.It's not discerned as you look at the season.Many look to plants, animals, and such.But, all they learn is not very much.The reason...

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Wrought Iron Gate

Standing in a field was a wrought iron gate, leading no where.What secret behind it, what mystery was the abide?Many tried to enter it, an unpure heart wouldn't let them share.Behind this mystery gate, what land did the padlocks hide?A strongman tried to break the...

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