The Problem

Just outside the village lived an old man. He was very wise, and in times of trouble or stress, the people of the village always went to ask his advice. He was known for his wisdom, not only in the area in which he lived, but also in lands far away. When either...

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The Storm-Tossed Soul

Are you tossed about on the sea of life?Has the beacon of light disappeared in the fog?Do you feel like the captain sinking along with his ship,Into the depths of some fathomless bog?Candles, that burned bright inside your heart,Are slowly dying extinguishing all...

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When I was growing up, a boy lived in my neighborhood who was an old-fashioned tattletale. If something went wrong—if somebody crowded him just a little too close while rushing for possession of a ball, if he didn’t get his turn exactly when he demanded it, if...

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Take the Plunge

"Watch me dive off the high board, Dad," my then ten-year-old son called out. I looked up to the ten-foot-high diving board and waited as he stood at the edge, stooped over, arms extended. He had jumped off the high board many times before, but now his nerve seemed to...

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What Do Angels Look Like?

A gray blanket of haze hung over Manila. Although it was only 6:30 a.m., the day would be another hot, humid one--my blouse was already sticking to me. Dreading the trip ahead, I wished I could make the nightmare of the past few days vanish by closing my eyes.Weaving...

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What Goes Around Comes Around

Excerpt from the book: WHERE WONDERS PREVAIL, True Accounts That Bear Witness to the Existence of Heaven by Joan Wester AndersonWhat goes around comes around. And Roberta Eschenbaum, a farm wife living outside Miller, South Dakota, certainly knows this to be true. She...

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What Is Death?

What is death ... good question to search;Philosophers and scholars, all men in the search.They look the wrong place to find the reason.It's not discerned as you look at the season.Many look to plants, animals, and such.But, all they learn is not very much.The reason...

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