A Trip Across the States

Thanks to Pastor Jim and the Net 153 Christian Magazine where the whole family can find health Christian resources.Dodie Gadient, a schoolteacher for thirteen years, decided to travel across America and see the sights she had taught about. Traveling alone in a truck...

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Traveling Light

The man hurrying through an airport was worried about missing his plane. He didn't have a wristwatch and couldn't spot a clock. So he walked up to a total stranger and said, "Excuse me, sir. Could you give me the correct time, please?"The stranger smiled and said,...

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Easter Miracles

My twin sister had twins, and when they were born they were very sick. The doctors had hoped for one, but the other one the doctors asked us to see her for the last time.We decided to go to the chapel and pray. We asked god for a new heart and a pair of lungs. I was...

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John Svenson

A young miller in Sweden, named John Svenson, was converted by reading the Bible. As he had become "a new creature," he refused to continue the old life of sin. This angered his comrade, Andrew Peterson, son of the mill owner.One day when John had gone out, Andrew...

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Doing the Word

Chuck Swindoll says, in his book, Improving Your Serve:"To make the value of obedience just a practical as possible, let's play 'Let's Pretend.' Let's pretend that you work for me. In fact, you are my executive assistant in a company that is growing rapidly. I'm the...

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The 1949 Cadillac

When I was a child, my mother had a coffee table that she loved. Over time it became discolored and scratched, and one day it disappeared from the house. It had not been discarded, for my mother knew that under all the scratches and stains was some lovely wood that...

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