The Green Candy

My Father Knows Best

There I was sixty years of age (my husband fifty-eight) with two adopted daughters, ages 11 and 14; which we had since they were babies. I had one grown, married daughter with three children of her own and my husband had three grown daughters and one grown son with 13...

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20/20 Vision

Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. 1 Corinthians 13:12There it was, all shiny and new, attached to the wall by the bathroom counter. My husband had kindly put up the oversize magnifying mirror I’d bought. There it was, all...

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Someone Who Knows Us

Right after World War II, a U.S. Army officer and his wife were stationed in Japan. That country had been devastated by the war. The post-war economy was in shambles. Unemployment approached 60%. People came to the Army wife's door daily looking for work. One man said...

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The Wounded Sparrow

Cymonne Pyles, a vibrant, active child who loved gymnastics, cheerleading, and singing, began having headaches half way through her eighth year of life. As the pain in her head occurred with more regularity, her doctor thought it might be of the migraine variety or...

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On the First Day of December

On the first day of December, I joined the land of the living again after being almost completely housebound for the last few months due to a consolidated onslaught of several frightening illnesses all at the same time. I felt like a haircut would improve my looks at...

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