The Hidden Miracle

The Physician

Most people have never experienced total blindness, even temporarily. You can see the person in the office next to you, the colours of your clothes, your child's smile when you pick them up and love them. You can see to drive, shop, walk down the street, and so much...

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Summer rose

Summer Rose feel from her mommy's arms when they just left the hospital. She was only a few days old. Her crane was fractured. Here is the answered prayer:I just got off the phone (6:30 PM CST, Oct. 9th) from talking to Kristi Gray, mother of Summer Rose with an...

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Supra Nuclear Palsy

I hope I'm sending this to the right address - First, I'd like to share a miracle-in-the-works. A few years ago, my uncle was diagnosed with Supranuclear Palsy. (Dudley Moore has this incurable disease, as well.) He was getting worse with each day, and was even put...

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Unknown Illness

Yesterday, we called up home to talk to our parents. My sister told me that my brother, Sajan was in the hospital.........and that he was suffering from acute throat pain, so much so that he could not even swallow his own saliva. He had not eaten for days..... His...

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Two Widows

When the Old and New Cities of Jerusalem were reunited in 1967, a recently widowed Arab woman, who had been living in Old Jerusalem since 1948, wanted to see once more the house in which she formerly lived. Now that the city was one, she searched for and found her old...

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Two Defined, Suspicious Masses

One year ago while at work, my phone rang.No one spoke on the other end. After I said hello several times, I heard a familiar silence -- one I always got when mom was too choked up to tell me some bad news, like when one of the grandchildren were sick. Then gradually,...

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Tornado Warnings

Living in Texas, we get some very severe weather, and over the last few days have had several tornado warnings. We were driving home yesterday when a bulletin came on the radio. Another tornado warning was in effect. Shortly after, we took a wrong turn, and had to...

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