Praise Report!

The Healing of the Broken Joint

About twenty-two years ago my first wife, who is now with the Lord, and I were involved in a head on auto collision.The snow was swirling and she and I were driving on a country road taking her to work. We were moving about thirty miles an hour and meeting us was...

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Miracles Abound

I believe my entire life has been a miracle! Born in abject poverty in an old shack in Troy, Alabama my life was to be a struggle from the beginning. I was birthed by a midwife, a black lady named Josephine helped my mother bring her fourth child, a daughter, into the...

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Undiagnosed Infection

Several years ago when Rob Yeske was about 18 years old, he was diagnosed with a case of mononucleosis and told to rest and stay home from school for at least a week. Rob was very ill, as it turned out---“a couple of days after being diagnosed, I was waking in a pool...

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Water in the Tins

Two little sisters joined hands and skipped down the well-worn path to their playhouse. To the girls, their playhouse had real walls, not just a few sticks of wood in the shape of a square on the grass; and a real ceiling, not just green leaves and blue sky."Ev," said...

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Slowing Down a Fast Moving Truck

Steve explained that despite his mother being 93 years old, she still visited needy people, and would bring food, medicine or anything else they needed. One day she had been in a house where the driveway wound through heavy brush and trees right into a very busy...

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