The Man Sitting Next to Me

Oh When the Saints Go Marching In

In the fall of 1914, James Thomas Blackwood traveled to Florence, Alabama to visit his brother. While staying there, he wanted to hear his brother preach. His brother had followed in the footsteps of their father who was a Methodist minister. Their father, James...

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Onions and Roses

When visiting my grandparents at their home during the summers, I was always in awe of the beautiful flowers Grandma had planted around her yard. She had a variety of everything from hollyhocks and daisies to roses, and the most beautiful hydrangeas I have ever...

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A Peculiar Kind of Love

It was love at first sight. I knew how the boy felt who clambered breathlessly through his front door and cried, "Dad! I'm in love!""How do you know it's love?" his father asked."Because, when I kissed her good night, her dog bit me and I never even felt it 'til I got...

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Dear Prayer Warriors , About last week this time i was looking forward to go back to my house for the first time in seven months ....BUT my whole dream was shattered 24 hours later when my husband phoned and told me that I couldn't come because the woman who had made...

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Silver What?

I just had my 25th wedding anniversary.  What an accomplishment. I've only contemplated divorce about 1 million times over the last 25 years, so you can imagine my surprise over reaching this milestone.I have been complaining about this man for about 9,125...

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The Wallet

As I walked home one freezing day, I stumbled on a wallet someone had lost in the street. I picked it up and looked inside to find some identification so I could call the owner. But the wallet contained only three dollars and a crumpled letter that looked as if it had...

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