Popping Corn


A Gift of Love

Rummaging through the kitchen junk drawer, in search of scotch tape for my daughter's latest art project, I find, naturally, a menagerie of everything but tape…a few paperclips, a sharpie marker, some stray envelopes."This drawer is a disaster", I mumble as I pull out...

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Arms of God

"I'm a surgeon in the Gold Coast, Australia," said the voice at the other end of the phone. "Your son is just being wheeled into surgery for a major abdominal operation following a surfing accident. I think it best that you and your wife come immediately."Such words...

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How to Change Someone’s Life

Several months ago when I was going through a very discouraging time, something happened that really opened my eyes to life’s meaning.I had been having a particularly difficult time and hardships seemed to be piled up all around me. Physically, I was having some...

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It’s Not About the Rolex

In March of 2003, Dan and I went on a week-long Caribbean cruise with our very close friends Mike and Rhonda. It was one of those trips they joke about on cruise line commercials... We scuba'ed in Aruba, hiked in Barbados, mountain-biked in the Virgin Islands, took...

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Just One More Letter

During the night of an ice storm in March 1957, my baby sister was born. While Mom was in the hospital, my four-year-old sister and I, a ten-year-old, stayed with our paternal grandparents. My nine-year-old brother stayed with our maternal grandparents.When the time...

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The Little Girl Who Had Everything

(An allegory – A children’s story for all of us)Once upon a time in the land of Plenty, which was in the state of Abundance, lived a little girl who had more than just a few things…more than several things….and even more than numerous things. Yes, she had loads of...

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