Popping Corn


Two Pictures

I love sunrises and sunsets. I take the time to go outside and watch them whenever I can. Gazing upon them fills me with peace. Watching them calms my soul. They remind me of just how beautiful and wonderful this world is. And they leave me feeling connected with...

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The Great Housecleaning

It was several years ago. A leg had broken off one of our dining room chairs and couldn't be fixed. I carried it into my bedroom to shove in my closet until I could throw it away later, but it wouldn't fit. Every square inch of my closet was stuffed with stuff. My...

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The Fountain

When I was a boy growing up there was a mountain spring near my home. I used to hike up a mountainside through a forest to reach it. I would grab an old fallen tree branch and use it for my walking stick. I would make my way through the waist high weeds and thorn...

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Our Heavenly Father Loves Children

Children wanted to be with Jesus. Unfortunately for them, Jesus' disciples didn't want them around. They were concerned the children would bother Jesus. They didn't see the children as important.Instead Jesus welcomed the children with open arms, even rebuking His...

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