Something Better

I can still remember the first moment I saw my first born son. He looked so perfect even with his red face and wrinkled skin. All I could do was sigh with delight.We named him Joseph John or JJ after me. JJ had a very normal infancy but when he hadn’t started talking...

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Sing a Song

"Let my tongue sing about your word, for all your commands are right." Psalm 119:172 NLTFor as long as I can remember she has sung. I'm not sure when my mother actually began singing gospel songs. I suppose it was as a young girl when she gathered with her family on...

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Rejection Hurts

They were told not to move, but what if moving would quell another's loneliness and feelings of rejection?Lunch room rules state a student must remain in the same seat. No getting up or changing places. New students often feel uncomfortable regardless of where they...

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The Real Gift

I was watching some reunion videos the other day. Those are the ones where the serviceman or servicewoman returns home after many months to surprise their families. One in particular widened my smile and moistened my eyes at the same time.In it a five year old little...

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Up to You

The college I attended as a young man was a collection of beautiful, red brick buildings built along the side of a hill. At the bottom of the hill was the closest town. Getting back to the dorms from town during the cold, Winter months was a treacherous trip even for...

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A True Love’s Gift

"For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation for all people." Titus 2:11Most of us are very, very busy around Christmas time.Still there are those who apparently have too much time on their hands. On that list I would place the folks who have done the...

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