The Real Thing

I was about seven years old when an unusual man of God spoke at the midweek service of the small church my parents were attending. His name was Howard Goss, and I will never forget the impression he left on my young heart. He was a huge man with a bald head and hands...

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Managing Our Problems

[An overseer] must be one who manages his own household well, keeping his children under control with all dignity (1 Timothy 3:4).A pastor friend of mind came face-to-face with a parent's worst fear: His teenage daughter had become pregnant before marriage.Perry was...

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Joshua at Jericho

The BattleJoshua was a righteous soul,A brave leader of the Israelites.While waiting on the Lord's command,He kept Jericho in his sights.Now, God had sent an angel,Dressed in armored clad,To destroy the city of JerichoAnd give to Joshua God's plan.Joshua thought God's...

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In the Smithsonian Museum there is a relatively small exhibit that contains the personal found on Abraham Lincoln the night he was shot. The following items were found: a Confederate five-dollar bill, a small penknife, a broken spectacle case held together with cotton...

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A man in a rural county down south was campaigning for a seat in the Senate. One rainy, miserable evening there was a knock on the door. A man he didn't know stood outside, soaking wet. "I need help," the man said. "My car is stalled down the road. Would you help...

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