Loving Kindness

Her Name is Tilley

She walked slowly into the beautiful church. She had dressed in her best dress and her favorite hat. A slight smile touched her lips. She was in God’s house, and she was so happy. She had no idea that her coat smelled of moth balls and the hat was stained.Heads turned...

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Pretzel Medicine

The rumors had been swirling for months but it still came as a shock when the hospital board announced that our small community hospital would be closing on July 1st.The hospital had served this working class poor neighborhood of Philadelphia for nearly 100 years but...

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The Letter

When I was a freshman in college I received a letter that forever opened a window in my soul. I had just started writing and the editor of my local county newspaper had been kind enough to publish some of my work. About a month later the letter arrived. Sadly, I lost...

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I Am Ready

When I was a teenager I was in a group of students who took a trip to Pittsburgh. Being a country boy, I found it exciting just being in such a big city. While most of the students headed for the mall then I decided to tour the streets alone. It was almost...

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One Hug

Being a nursing aid in a home for the elderly, one never seemed to be amazed at anything. This cool September morning the minister’s wife and her daughter came to the home to visit the residents. The residents always looked forward to the minister’s wife visit but...

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