The Polish

The Straight Path

Once a father took his three sons on a winter hike. They came to a field glistening white from a snow the night before. There was not a single track of any kind that had been made in the field. The father, wanting to challenge his youngsters and perhaps teach them a...

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Come Jump in My Lap

There was one such service in August 1995 at the conclusion of a week of meetings in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The atmosphere had been very difficult, and that day I sensed that we had finally experienced a breakthrough. The presence of the Lord filled the building, and...

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Mom’s Night Out

Once a week or so my church schedules a "Mom's Night Out," with free babysitting for single mothers who need a night off or mothers who simply want to spend an evening with their husbands. Our pastor's wife once happily took advantage of this programme to go out to...

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