The Judgment


During a board meeting, the owner of a huge chain of fast-food restaurants announced his plans to pose as an entry-level employee at various restaurants in order to see what was going on.So, he left his family, mansion, limousine, and other luxuries he normally...

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Independence Day

When my wife and I were first married, we were introduced to a remarkable man by the name of Larry Burkett through a video series on managing your money. Among other things we learned to budget and to do something incredibly radical: spend less than we make.I didn't...

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Total Recall

How soon we forget! But Gordon Bell is trying to devise a system in which he can recall most anything in his life.For the past decade, Bell, a Microsoft researcher, has been “moving” the data from his brain onto computers. The process is much more involved than saving...

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Each plank of the boardwalk leading us to the natural hot springs at Hot Springs Cove was engraved with a special message, carefully carved into the wood by those who had come here before us. Messages varied from names of special boats or favourite pets to "who loves...

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The Last Look

It was November and I was in the final process of moving back to my home in North Carolina. Only a few months before my wife of twenty-one years had died in a tragic single vehicle accident. My three minor children ages 10 to 16 were with her on that fateful morning...

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