A Light for the Nations


Throughout baseball's long history, several baseball players have made terrible mistakes or errors that cost their team dearly. In September of 1908, Giants player Fred Merkle committed what author Noel Hynd calls "baseball's most famous lapse." Dave Anderson says it...

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The Beggar and the Bread

A beggar came and sat before me. "I want bread," he said."How wise you are," I assured him. "Bread is what you need. And you have come to the right bakery." So I pulled my cookbook down from my shelf and began to tell him all I knew about bread. I spoke of flour and...

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Giving the Key

Zig Ziglar tells the story about an elderly man playing an organ in a cathedral in Europe. He was playing sad and melancholy music. It was sad because this was his last day as organist of the cathedral. He was being replaced by a younger musician.At dusk, somebody...

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The Handle’s on the Other Side

When I was little, my Dad used to drop me off at a nearby church so I could go to the Sunday School they had there. We weren’t a church-type family so what I saw and heard there was all new to me. And I remember this painting they had of Jesus - now I know it’s one of...

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He Didn’t Know

One Sunday morning at our quite ritzy church a man came in just minutes before the service was to start. He was dressed horribly. He had on boots, overalls, a flannelshirt, and a cowboy hat. The entire congregation was aghast !Many of us quickly sent notes to our...

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Inviting Jesus