What Did You Say?

Let me illustrate. In 1977, while praying about an upcoming journey to Guatemala, I heard the words: On this trip, represent Jesus to the people.At first I rebuked the voice, thinking it was an evil spirit trying to deceive me. But the voice came again, this time...

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I Need Another One

You will recall the testimony of Polly Simchen who came to me with a handkerchief and said, "Would you pray over this? We're going to cut it up and put a piece everywhere our son goes. We're going to hide it everywhere we can." As she shared earlier, Polly would come...

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Laying Seige

As I shared in Intercessory Prayer, several years ago my wife, Ceci, developed a pain in her abdomen. An ovarian cyst was discovered, and she was advised to have surgery. However, her doctor was a believer and, being confident this was not life threatening, agreed to...

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