My Shadow

A Little Leaven Goes a Long Way

I enjoy baking. I bake a lot: I bake for special occasions; I bake for my children, grandchildren, and friends.It was a day like any other day when I got a call from my daughter. She asked me if I could bake a cake for her, saying that she would need it as soon as...

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Going to the Movies

A good Sister in Christ mentioned to me a couple of weeks ago how much she enjoyed these things I write each week. I really appreciated that. It made me realize that maybe they are not a waste of time after all. Someone else asked where I get the ideas for these...

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Growing Up

As an editorial in the Caledonian-Record of St. Johnsbury, Vermont, put it: "Friday night five teen-age girls at Danville High School became five young adults, and they did so with class." I thought you'd like to know the story.The Friday night in question was January...

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Karl Marx

Many years ago a small Jewish boy asked his father, "Why must we surrender our Jewish faith and start to attend Lutheran services here in Germany?The father replied, "Son, we must abandon our faith so that people will accept us and support our business adventures!"The...

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Bad Company

An old parrot flew out of a farm house and joined some crows in a watermelon patch. The farmer, not knowing this and trying to protect his crop from the crows, blasted them with his shotgun. The results were dead crows and one ruffled parrot with a missing toe. The...

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