Being a Lying Witness

What Goes Around, Comes Around

"An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips." (Prov. 24:26 NIV)It always pays to be honest.Even when you wouldn't have been caught anyway.Especially at Christmastime.Recently our female golden retriever paid a special visit to a male dog owned by a local golden...

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Life’s Lessons Recycled

Our family was Christmas shopping in the clothing department of a large department store when our nine year old son, Bradley, shouted, "Money!" Rolled up with a rubber band was a substantial amount of cash, apparently dropped unknowingly by its owner. The money had...

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While writing about the seven seven heavenly virtues, I was a little surprised the virtue of honesty is not on the "official list" passed down from the 6th century. You'll see why I wanted to deal with this, as it certainly is a worthy virtue to consider.I recently...

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David and Go-Lieth

It wasn't a big lie. Just a little one. A lie about - of all things - Sunday School."And what did you learn about today in Sunday School?" Mom asked.I had to think quickly. My mother would not be pleased to know that George and I had skipped Sunday School to check out...

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