The Seasoning

A Lady Named Alice

"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go." - Psalm 32:8She had to move from her spacious home, friendly neighborhood, the nearby church and all that was familiar to her when her husband died. It was time to live in a high rise, independent living...

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Stand Out of Your Light

There is a wonderful, old story about Alexander the Great that always helps to remind me of what is important in this life. Alexander after having conquered most of the known world and having reached the peaks of his power, fame, influence, and wealth was still left...

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Love Debt

There he was again. I saw him moving up quickly in my rearview mirror. A tail rider.People who ride my bumper set me on edge. I know the law of stopping and speed. One car length for every ten miles per hour I'm traveling, but some people don't honor it.Riding me on a...

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Mentor? Who, Me?

Walt Kowalski was a grumpy old man who didn’t care much for anybody.Clint Eastwood directed, produced and starred in Gran Torino, a movie detailing Walt’s life as a bitter recently widowed Korean War veteran. He didn’t like his family who was after his money, the...

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Chewing Gum for God

"Hey, I'm going home to chew my gum," he yelled from the bus as my wife and I entered the resale store where we were vendors. I was clueless, although it didn't surprise me that she would connect with someone by using gum. Only later did the story unfold.While working...

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Do What You Can

I was in a rush to get my power bill payment in the mail today. I pulled my car into the post office parking lot, hopped out, and started quickly walking towards the entrance. Then I saw something green on the sidewalk. I looked down and saw a hummingbird laying on...

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