Don’t Worry, Be Happy


I Cried

Today, as I awoke and prayedTo the Lord above, I cried.Knowing, just by my desire to speakTo Him, He listened.  I cried. When I checked my email and realizedAll the ones that had thought of me, I cried.Looking out the window and seeingHis wonderful painting, I...

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Old Photographs

Every now and then God clears our vision and lets us see a glimpse of Heaven while still here on Earth. My own eyes got opened for me the other day while I was looking through some old photo albums. I was never very good at sorting pictures so they were pretty mixed...

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Planting Happiness

Last year, I placed a flower pot on my patio.It was only half-filled with potting soil. There wasn't any sign of life. There were no seeds to grow. So as you can imagine the flowerpot remained barren.Last week, I decided that the neglected flower pot needed a little...

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The Secret to Happiness

There once was a very wealthy and successful man. He had more money than he could ever spend and he was admired and looked up to by his community. Still, he knew that something was missing in his life. He wasn’t happy. All his life he had pursued happiness and strived...

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Christmas Smiles

For some reason, this time of year seems to bring out the grumpy in people. The day after Thanksgiving, I was up at 4, shopping with all the other crazy people, and still, I held on to my holiday cheer and my smile. I felt sorry for the people with scowls on their...

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The Gift That Keeps on Returning

I have a gift that I just can’t seem to give away. Every time I try to give it to someone I get it returned. I gave it to my Dad the other day and he went and gave it right back. I tried to give it to both my sons and daughter this morning, but they wouldn’t keep it...

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Wonderful Wrinkles

I noticed something amusing while I was shaving this morning: the lines in my forehead have quit disappearing all the way. They are easy to see too because the long, thick, wavy hair that used to cover them doesn’t come down that far anymore. It has become trapped...

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